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Scarring is actually a natural step in the process of skin healing after the damage has been done. The problem is that the skin does not always heal in a desirable fashion, sometimes causing deformations and sometimes leading to marks which may be long lasting to permanent.
The most common scars that people usually get treated are the acne scars but that almost all the scars can be treated by similar procedure is a fact not many people are aware of.

What are the types of Scars?

Acne Scars-The marks left behind on the skin post-acne are called acne scars. These scars are deep-pitted which have angular or wavelike appearance.

Ice Pick Scars: These are deep narrow scars giving the look as if something sharp pierced the skin. They usually develop after a cystic infection or deep inflammation which works its way to the surface. An atrophic scar, it is marked by the destruction of the skin tissue leaving a slender column like scar.

Box Scars: Box scars are usually round depressions with vertical sides. For easier imagination, imagine a hollow hemisphere put over a cylindrical bottle, hollow side up. They are wider than ice pick scars and give a pitted appearance to the skin. Another example of atrophic scars, these are formed when an inflammation destroys the collagen in the skin tissue. The depth of the scar varies in proportion to the tissue destruction.

Rolling Scars: Rolling scars which appear as wave like undulations on the skin are caused when fibrous bands of tissue develop between the skin and subcutaneous tissue below. The bands in turn pull the epidermis to the deeper structures of the skin.

Hypertrophic / Keloidal Scar.

Burns / Traumatic / Chicken pox Scar.

What are the treatment options?

  • We at GEM SKIN ,HAIR AND LASER CENTRE , have wide range of treatments that can improve the appearance of scars. We have several options of peels as well as US FDA approved fractional CO2 LASER and micro needling radiofrequency(MRF) laser, that will help to improve scars.

How do Treatments work?

    • In LASER Treatments, Laser penetrates the dermis layer of the skin and helps in collagen remodelling ,stimulate tissue re-growth, and help in remodelling scars. Collagen is the building block of skin and, thus, tries to give the skin a more acceptable physical appearance.

Other Treatment Modalities

  • Steroid injections can be given for keloid / hypertrophic scars that the helps to soften the appearance of keloids.
  • Deep pitted scars can be corrected by TCA cross, fillers, Punch grafting.

How much time and duration is required for the treatment?

  • The single session of LASER treatment takes 20- 30 minutes for the entire session depending of the area to be treated. Topical anaesthetic cream needs to be applied before hand to numb the skin.
  • Total duration of Treatment: The number of sessions depends on severity of scars. Generally 6-8 sessions are required for optimum result which may be 6-8months course. A maintenance sessions may also be required which can be done once in 3 months.
  • Time Interval between the two sessions: The gap between two sessions of LASER will be a minimum of 6-8 week.

Fraxis duo: High power CO2 Laser plus Micro – needle Fractional RF

FRAXIS DUO is a combining CO2 laser and micro-needle fractional RF technology for optimal result of scars and photo-aging. CO2 fractional is enabling intense superficial stimulation and micro-needle fractional RF provides higher volumetric heating and deeper heat diffusion. Such complementary effects could encourage physicians to combine two technologies for and effective treatment for various indications.

Here at GEM we categories the cause of Scar and start with the Treatments according to the need of patients.

For keloid/hypertrophic scar:

  • 1. Topical application of creams
  • 2. Intralesional  Injections
  • 3. Laser Treatments

For other Type of Acne/traumatic Scar:

  • Peels:
    Peels are usually the easiest way out in case of scar treatment because they are almost painless. It stimulates production of collagen which thus fills up the scar pits. The number of peels required also depends on the intensity of scars and the sensitivity of your skin.
  • Microneedling Radiofrequency Laser treatment:
    Microneedling Radio frequency is a frequently used technique. It works by producing new collagen which plumps up the skin and removes wrinkles and fine lines to a great extent. . Almost no damage is caused to the upper skin layers and hence the downtime is very little if any at all.
  • Fractional CO2 laser:
    Ablative lasers such as CO2 invasive and work by vaporising the outer layer of the skin. It works by creating minor abrasions on the skin which on account of getting healed fast, heal the nearby skin too. The underlying principle is that the abrasions stimulate production of collagen which thus fills up the scar pits. The skin in this case however tends to peel off over time. Mild damage is caused to the upper skin layers and hence the downtime is needed.

It is important that whenever you have decided on taking the treatment, you ensure that you follow all the instructions given by your dermatologist in order to have the desired results. Given below are a few Pre and Post care instructions, there may be additional too but your dermatologist would be able to tell you them basis your skin type.

Pre Care Instructions for Scar Removal Treatment:

  • Avoid use of warm water on the skin
  • Always apply Moisturiser and Sunscreen before going out, the specification for the same should be as prescribed by the doctor
  • Stop using night creams at least 2 days before the procedure or as instructed by the doctor
  • Avoid swimming from 2 days prior to the procedure
  • Avoid workout 1 day before the procedure
  • Avoid parlour activities from 5 days prior to the procedure (Bleaching, waxing, threading)

Post Care Instructions for Scar Removal Treatment:

  • Avoid excessive sweating, swimming, sauna etc 2-5 days post the treatment
  • Keep your skin hydrated, apply adequate amount of moisturiser to ensure that your skin doesn’t dry up
  • Avoid parlour activities for 2 weeks post the procedure
    To see best results please stick to the time duration between 2 sessions as suggested by the doctor.
    If you experience any discomfort, erythema or itching on treated areas please contact the clinic immediately and our team will be happy to help you.

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After Injection


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